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Inspections and Preventative Maintenance
Fuel Injection/Air Induction Service
Transmission Fluid Exchange
Brake Fluid Service
Coolant Exchange
Battery Service
Driveline Service
Power Steering Fluid Exchange
A/C Performance Service
Premium Oil Change Packages
Ethanol Protection

• Air Conditioning Systems
• Power Windows & Door Locks
• Brakes
• Batteries & Alternators
• Water Pumps
• Belts & Hoses
• Radiators
• CV Axles

• Timing Belts
• Shocks & Struts
• Engines & Transmissions
• Power Steering
• Oxygen Sensors
• Wheel Bearings
• ABS Systems
• Spark Plugs/Wires
• Ignition Systems


  • A/C Performance Service
  • Engines and Transmissions
  • Check Engine Light Warnings
  • Annual Checkups
  • Routine Scheduled Maintenance
  • Factory Warrantys
  • Diesel Engines


We are also a full-service tire dealer and installer. Our quality installation and balancing equipment paired with our digital alignment system provides ride quality.
We sell hundred of different brands of tires. Even if we dont normally carry a particular brand we wil order it for you.
We Also sell dozens of wheels manufacturers including American Force Wheels, Fuel Wheels, KMC Wheels, Hostile Wheels, XD Wheels, TIS Wheels, LRG Wheels, and Dozens More…

Battery Service

Every battery we sell comes with roadside assistance. They come in 1,2 or 3 year roadside battery assistance. This comes in handy in the brutal florida heat.

Belts & Hoses

As the rubber dries out it begins to crack and break. An automotive belt can break at any time once damaged. In many vehicles cases, broken belts can lead to an overheating engine.

Check Engine Lights

We employ the newest data tools that allow us to read and diagnose almost any vehicle. New and Older models. Once a check engine light is shown, it should be checked as soon as safely possible. If the check engine light is flashing, this indicates a major problem and should be check immediately.


One commonly overlooked issue is brakes, until they start making noise. get them checked before they make noise because it is a cheaper repair. Once it burns through the brake pad and rubs metal to metal, you will need to replace the brake rotor.

A / C

We own a state of the art A/C machine that works with both standard and hybrid air conditioning systems. We have repaired everything from box trucks to 1950’s classic cars. Living near Fort Myers Beach, we have become very familiar with this repair.

Radiator systems

Have your cooling system flushed for corrosion. Always have a look coolant system repaired immediately. Don’t continue to refill a leaking radiator as it can cause corrosion and increase the cost of repair!

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Tires Changed


Gallons of Oil


Spark Plugs


Work Bays

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